Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday in Balboa Park

Jen was taking her scooter to work and leaving the Rav home for me to drive. On Tuesday I drove to the large parking lot at the south end of Balboa Park and took the trolley into the center of the park.

Balboa Park is really, really big. I mostly just wandered around the buildings, through the Spanish Village, past the Botanical Building.

Balboa Park Botanical Building Spanish Village Balboa Park July 1 007

I saw this poem written in chalk on the sidewalk:

I want you to remember this night with me
I want to remember this night with you
I want us to remember this night together
I whisper three nothings to you
And I smile as you whisper four of them back

And then stopped at The Prado Restaurant for lunch. I had seared Ahi tuna prepared three different ways. It was excellent and I washed it down with a great mojito.

Balboa Park July 1 029 Balboa Park July 1 030

Then I walked around palm canyon and back up to the gardens. There I saw a hummingbird that stuck around long enough for me to photograph.

Balboa Park July 1 031 Fig Tree Roots Balboa Park July 1 039 Hummingbird

After I got back home I walked to the grocery store to get some eggs and bacon for the rest of the week and some beer. When Jen got home she said Brian was going to bring sandwiches he got from a catered lunch at work and we'd go to the zoo at night! I bought a two day pass so I could go back again later in the week.

Pygmy Hippo Giant Panda Gorilla Matthew, Andy, Brian

- Andy

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