Friday, July 4, 2008

San Diego Zoo and Cash'd Out at Canes

Live entertainment!

On Thursday I got up and made breakfast and then made haste for the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is excellent! They have a huge range of animals and the grounds are well done. I started by wandering around the southern part of the zoo and quickly realized I needed to adopt a plan or I wouldn't see everything. I had already seen the gorillas and giant panda, so I could skip over them. I took the moving walkway up to the polar bears and then walked back down past the predatory birds. Then I walked back toward the entrance and took the cable car once again toward the polar bears. This time I walked back down and then to the north so I could see the Australian species. I had a huge hamburger at the "Sydney Bar & Grill" where they also happened to serve beer, so I had a corona.

Meercats Red River Hog Peacock Polar Bear at the San Diego Zoo Okapi

Steller's Sea Eagle Siberian Brown Bear Giraffe Zebra Mandrill

After I got back from the zoo, I had dinner with Brian, Jen, Matthew, and Anna Rose. Then Michael, Katie, and Ellen showed up and invited me to go see Cash'd Out, a Johnny Cash tribute band, at Canes Bar and Grill on the beach. The venue was awesome. The first band, Suicide Cowboy, was good - but not my kind of music. The second band, Rip Carson, was more rockabilly and the singer was funny. Finally at around 11pm Cash'd Out came on. They were brilliant! The guy sounded just like Johnny Cash and the delivery was very tight despite his guitar breaking a string early in the set.

Rip Carson Cash'd Out Cash'd Out

- Andy

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