Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lincoln Park Zoo

Kevin had the day off so he came over to play games and hang out. After playing Team Fortress 2 for a while, we decided to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago's free zoo. Don't let the fact that it's free fool you into believing it is a substandard zoo for the hoi polloi. Not so at all. This is an excellent zoo with a rich animal collection. I visit the zoo fairly often because I like zoos and it's convenient to me. I can take public transit and be there in 15 minutes.

Last time I was at the zoo, I wanted to see the zebras but couldn't find them. I also really wanted to see the tiger again. Kevin wanted to see the warthogs because they were inside last time he was there. We did find the warthogs and the zebras, but the tiger was inside. We still saw him, but he was behind bars, which is evident in the photos I took.

Warthogs Pygmy Hippo Giraffe Grevy's Zebra Bactrian Camels

Lake Malawi Cichlids Bonobo Face Tiger African Lion White Lipped Deer

- Andy

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