Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Puberty, for people like me, drags on."

Canals of Amsterdam - European Winter

Amsterdam Canal, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

"I've drunk gallons of chablis, danced the samba. I've sat outside the casino at Monte Carlo in the hours between closing time and dawn to listen to the shots of suicides and no longer concern myself with the administration of my estates, my foreign possessions where butterflies lie dead on pins in glass cases while I attend cocktail and dinner parties, go grouse shooting in Scotland, sailing the Aegean, in Dothea for polo, in Morano for the races, Champagne breakfasts, golf tournaments, hunting parties, nightclubs, marinas, movie stars, playing cards, polo mallets... the winter chalet in San Moritz, the summer villa in Biarritz."

"I live in airports, in grand hotels, in office high-rises. I serve nature, I perform all my biological duties. Puberty, for people like me, drags on...." - Joe Frank (Ashtray at the End of the World)

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