Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Beer and Fireworks!

Independence Day! Fourth of July! We went to a friend's house who had a swimming pool and a brewery in his back yard. Two things that work fantastically well together on a day like July 4th.

They had even built a small bathroom with a toilet next to the pool for changing and of course peeing. This certainly reduces the amount of urine in the pool significantly. We wrapped Katie's leg up with two garbage bags and lots of duct tape and she sat on the inflatable raft. A few more people turned up and we had a good time.

Afterwards, we drove to Stone Brewery in Escondito. The brewery has really nice grounds with a waterfall and gardens. I walked around with Michael and Matthew before ordering dinner. Michael and I split a steak for two with three sides. After dinner, we went to Brian and Jen's neighbor's house to watch the fireworks from their balcony. We also had cake and the kids all wished a happy birthday to America.

San Diego Last Set 005 San Diego Last Set 009 Flower at Stone Brewery San Diego Last Set 020 San Diego Last Set 021

San Diego Sunset Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Video

Happy 4th of July!

- Andy

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