Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday in San Diego

I decided to stay in the apartment that Brian built above his garage for guests. It's an incredible place to stay for vacation. There's satellite TV, a fridge, a microwave, internet connection, and a bathroom with a shower!

I slept great in the ideal San Diego climate and on Monday morning I woke up feeling great. Robbie had spent the night at Michael and Katie's. In the morning Michael, Robbie, and I all went to The Mission on University Avenue for breakfast. I had the breakfast burritos.

After breakfast we took Robbie to the airport and I went back to the apartment and took a nap. In the afternoon I walked around the neighorhood and got some great pictures of some of the plants growing in peoples' gardens. I recognized some of the plants from my previous travels to Sydney. The climate of San Diego is very similar to Sydney's.

July 1 177 July 1 178 July 1 182 Bougainvillea

After Brian and Jen got home with the kids, we went to Michael and Katie's for dinner. They had prepared tacos for us and then we went to the grocery store for ice cream.

- Andy

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