Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally a Vacation!

On Friday, June 27th at 4am I was awoken by my internal alarm clock. It was time to make my way to Midway Airport in Chicago for my flight to Minneapolis and then to San Diego. The plan from there was to drive to Las Vegas with Brian, Michael, and Robbie for the weekend and then spend the following week in San Diego.

When I began to go through the morning ritual of feeding Zoe (dog) and preparing my own breakfast, it became clear that Zoe was horribly ill. She had left several messes in the kitchen for me to clean up. To add to the pandemonium, Isabelle was also in a rush. Finally I made it out the door and over to the train station only to realize I had forgetten my train pass. I needed to walk to the ATM to get cash, and by that time I missed the train. I hailed a cab and finally my journey was afoot.

I arrived at Midway in plenty of time for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Potbelly Sandwich Works in the airport. I slept through the quick flight to Minneapolis where I had a 2 hour layover.

Minneapolis Airport Preparing for Takeoff I'm Flying!

The flight to San Diego was uneventful, I read a chapter in The Pirate Republic and listened to some music. I got a lot of pictures from the window of the western topography and San Diego.

Grand Canyon San Diego San Diego Airport

- Andy

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