Sunday, June 29, 2008

Las Vegas

When I arrived in San Diego, Brian and Michael were waiting for me in the Murano. Robbie showed up about an hour later and we made for the hills.

We stopped at an In & Out for burgers and then off to Las Vegas. It was a 5 hour drive from San Diego to Las Vegas through mountains and desert and past Joshua trees and salt flats.

That 70's Moment Mountains Salt Flats Hot

Did I mention it was hot?

Once we got to Vegas, we checked into our room at Mandalay Bay and then wandered around in a casual search for food until we arrived at ESPN Zone. They had Fat Tire in the big bottles, so I had a couple of those and then we played some games. Robbie rocked the boxing game and Brian was not too shabby at horse racing.

Horse Racing Robbie Boxing From the Hotel Window

After that it was back to Mandalay Bay for some games and a couple hours of sleep.

On Saturday we sat around in the pool, which was fantastic, and then napped in the afternoon. I received a sunburn on my back and legs from sitting cross-legged in the shallow pool. We had reservations for dinner at Bouchon, a French restaurant by chef Thomas Keller. He was the chef consultant that Pixar contacted for the movie Ratatouille. He invented the preparation of ratatouille used in the end, he calls it "confit biyaldi"

The Menu Porc Braisé Poulet Rôti Steak Frites Truite aux Amandes

The food was not bad, but it did not blow anyone away either. There are certainly better restaurants in Las Vegas... sorry Thomas.

After that we had some more drinks... and then it's kind of a blur. On Sunday morning we went to Circus Circus for a few hours and then back to San Diego in time for dinner. Brian grilled some awesome steaks. After that we went out for ice cream and Katie mis-stepped off a curb and ended up breaking a bone in her foot!

Fremont Street Experience Robbie At Circus Circus Luxor Brothers and Others

- Andy

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