Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sydney Observatory

On Tuesday, November 17th - the week after seeing the sculptures by the sea - Cheryl invited me to go with a group of her friends to the Sydney Observatory for a guided tour. I would need to work at midnight to put some new servers into our APAC website environment, so this would keep me occupied until then... and I love this sort of thing!

We met at the Circular Quay to grab some dinner at a sports bar in The Rocks. After that, we walked up to Observatory Hill where I got some nice pictures of the surrounding harbour and city. Then we went inside and started our tour.

The Sydney Observatory is the oldest on the continent of Australia. We were able to get a live demonstration of a historic 29 cm refractor telescope built in 1874, the oldest telescope in Australia in regular use. The tour guide pointed it to a clock tower in Sydney, it through the eye piece in reverse. After that, we went to the other tower of the observatory and got to see Jupiter and two of its moons through a modern 40 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

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