Friday, February 19, 2010

Australian Museum

In May 2008 I went to the Australian Museum during my second trip to Sydney and took a thorough tour of the museum and had lots of photos. I had taken lots of photos from the last weekend that I was in Sydney but hadn't copied them to my laptop. Then I left the camera and the memory card on the back seat of the taxi home from the airport. That was a small disaster and I lost all the photos... BUT now it was 110F / 43C in November and this was a perfect day for being in a nice cold museum.

Matt and I took the train to St. James station and then walked to the Australian Museum. We would only be able to stay for an hour before they had to close, but that was long enough to see some cool things. We tried to focus on things that would be particularly Australian like the Surviving Australia exhibit. We walked quickly through some bird exhibits and the Dinosaur exhibit and finished up being chased out of the Indigenous Australians exhibit by a security guard wanting to finish his shift for the day.

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