Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sydney Aquarium

Tuesday, November 24th

The Sydney Aquarium is probably, for me, the main attraction at Darling Harbour. They have an impressive assortment of aquatic life, especially native Australian species like the saltwater crocodile. I had the day off after working all night, so in the late morning on Tuesday, November 24th I met Matt by Town Hall and we walked to the aquarium. People were starting to put up Christmas decorations everywhere, it was impossible to shake the novelty of seeing Christmas decorations in the middle of the summer!

Long-Necked Turtle

Saltwater Crocodile

A couple of things I really like about the Sydney Aquarium are the glass tunnels where visitors can walk beaneath the shark aquarium and where visitors can stand on the glass and see fish and other things beneath them. There is a viewing area where music creates an underwater feeling and visitors can sit down and listen and watch. I created a video to capture the feeling.

(Click thumbnails for larger photos)

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