Friday, February 19, 2010

Manly and North Head

On Sunday, November 22nd I didn't have to work, so I decided to go with Matt across Sydney Harbour to see the beach town of Manly and take a walk to North Head. The ferry trip was only about 15-20 minutes but was very scenic. We passed close by Fort Denison and were able to see North and South Heads from the ferry. The heat was already making the air hazy and we were expecting the day to get hotter!

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Manly is a small town on a strip of land between the North Shore area and North Head, a rocky outcrop that guards the north side of the entrance to Sydney Harbour. The beach was already fairly crowded despite a dangerous current and fierce waves. We had a quick breakfast and then started walking up the cliffs.

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It really started heating up and our thermometer read 43C / 109F by the time we reached the top of North Head. We were drinking a ton of water and sweating it out just as fast. I was frequently distracted by the exotic plants that decorated the area. There was a park museum at North Head where we stopped in to ask where we should hike, the rangers seemed very concerned about the heat. It did feel hot, but we were determined to finish our hike!

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After walking back into Manly we caught the ferry in the nick of time back to Sydney. On the way back I really started to feel the heat! We got back to Circular Quay and ducked inside the Quayside Brasserie for some cool air. I ordered a beer and regreted my decision within minutes. The day was still pretty young so we decided to go to the Australia Museum where it would definitely be air conditioned!

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