Friday, February 12, 2010

Sculpture By the Sea

Okay where were we... Sydney Harbour Bridge... right!

Things really started to heat up in Sydney later that week. It hit 30s/90s (C/F) toward the end of the week so it seemed like a great time to hit the beach. Cheryl picked me up and we went to Clovelly Beach to start our walk around the beaches. This also happened to be the last weekend of Sculpture by the Sea, an annual sculpture exhibition / competition that takes place at the beaches of Sydney.

We also walked through Waverly Cemetery, which dates back to 1877 and occupies a beautiful space on the cliffs of Bondi. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go!

That is a view across the rocks toward Bronte Beach just south of Bondi Beach.

There were signs that said things like, "Memory 300m" and "<-- Past" "Future -->" pointing in different directions. I liked this one "You are here" the most. There were parrots in the trees, but they were hard to see clearly because they kept hiding in the leaves. I finally got this clear view of one.

The Cemetery was really beautiful and a small island of quiet between the loud beaches.

Here is some of the artwork we saw during our walk:

(Click for larger picture)

After the walk Cheryl and I were both a little sunburned on the face. I didn't wear any sunscreen, but just got a little pink. Cheryl was wearing some SPF 2billion and still got burned on her nose enough to peel! I am surprised I had such a good resistance to the sun, I have a pretty light complexion.

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Sculpture by the Sea is staged along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. The coastal walk begins at the bottom of Notts Avenue, which runs off Campbell Parade, Bondi.