Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sydney Fish Market

November 28th, 2009

We decided to rent a car for the weekend to get better access to the area around Sydney. On Friday I called and made a reservation for one with Hertz. We walked over on Saturday morning and picked up the car. We decided that since the rental car was in my name and I had already gained experience a few weeks prior driving Cheryl's car, that I would be the designated driver for the weekend. Our first excursion was to the Fish Market. We punched the destination into the GPS and after some fits and starts we were off.

The Sydney Fish Market on Blackwattle Bay is the largest in the southern hemisphere. It is also the world's second largest seafood market, based on variety, outside of Japan. It is possible to get a "behind the scenes" tour of the market. I called to arrange one for Thursday morning, but they were booked through mid-December! They have lobsters the size of my leg and abalones bigger than my hand. The activity is almost frantic as people buy fresh seafood and eat it right there at picnic tables placed throughout the market.

After seeing the Sydney Fish Market for a few minutes on the 26th, we wanted to go back and try out some of the fresh specialties they offer. I was particularly interested in trying a few different types of oysters and abalone. Raw oysters don't necessarily make the best breakfast, but I can eat them any time. We started off with a dozen raw Sydney Rock oysters. Then we had three cheese-filled oysters, three baked abalones, and three baked scallops. After that we wandered around a little bit to see the market in operation, and then we set the GPS for Katoomba and headed for the hills!

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