Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just Married!

Just Married!, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

I'll keep posting about the classic cars, but I want to break up the monotony a little as well, so we'll move on to the wedding... my next activity for the day.

The weather couldn't have been better for Kevin and Kristin's Big Day. I drove over to the hotel where Kevin and his family and the groomsmen were all staying. Everyone was nervous and worrying about the bow ties. Nobody was quite sure how they were supposed to be tied! We managed to get through it after Kevin learned by watching a video online.

I was recruited to be an usher, but I wasn't at the rehearsal.. so this was going to be slightly tricky. I drove to the Cà d'Zan and found a few people there. They had a cellist playing classical music and the chairs were set up on the lawn. When the limo arrived, I sorted out what they needed me to do. First I lit the candles, then I walked Kevin's mom to her seat, then Kristin's mom, then I sat down.

Everyone involved in the wedding looked absolutely their best. Amanda and Liz (Maid of honor and bridesmaid) looked stunning. The sun was up when the wedding started and it set while we ate dinner on the terrace. The venue was ideal, the view of Sarasota Bay and the sound of the water made it a perfect night. I spent a lot of time taking photos of the mansion and the grounds while the professional photographer shot up the wedding party.

For dinner there was a choice between beef and cornish hen. I had Kevin choose for me, because they both looked pretty good. He apparently chose the cornish hen, it was excellent. Deboned and stuffed with wild rice and served with a cranberry sauce, I ate the entire meal!

Afterward, we danced and then went to the Ritz Carlton where Kevin and Kristin would spend their first night together. The Ritz is an amazing hotel!! I took a few pictures from the terrace. We had a few drinks there and then I headed back to my hotel room after an exhausting day.

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