Saturday, May 2, 2009

1905 Schacht at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum

1905 Schacht, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

1905 Schacht

Manufactured By: Schacht Mfg. Co

Place: Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.
Production: 1904-1913 / 9000
Body: steel/wood runabout
Chassis: wheelbase: 65 in.; weight approx. 800 lbs.
Engine: water-cooled hor. opp. 2 cyl. sidevalve
Disp./Power: est. 100 cu. in. / 10 h.p.
Suspension: Front-beam axle, center-clamped cantilever leaf spring
Rear: beam axle, center-clamped cantilever leaf spring
Transmission: friction discs, differential cross-shaft and chains to rear wheels
Cost new: unknown
Present: not established

Schacht built 713 of these "high wheelers" in 1905. The company also built more conventional, larger, 4 cylinder cars. These were not successful, and Schacht turned to the manufacture of trucks in 1913, continuing with them into the 1930s. Fire apparatus was added to the line until Schacht went out of business in 1938.

When this came to the museum, they were instructed to leave one half exactly as they found it, and restore the other half to look the way it did the day it came from the factory. The video I took of the tour guide describing the vehicle shows both sides, and you can see that they've done a miraculous job of restoring it.

As the guide says in the video, this car has a safety feature. The crank is on the rear of the vehicle so that the person starting the engine would not be run over once it started up.

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