Monday, March 16, 2009

LEGO Store on Michigan Avenue

On Michigan Avenue just north of the Chicago River is an area called The Shops at North Bridge. Among these shops is the LEGO Store with over 400 LEGO products! Throughout the enclosed shopping center and LEGO store were little sculptures that artists had created for display.

Above: A LEGO man with a bird on his head sitting on a bench; Little LEGO sunbathers on the balcony of a "Chicago" high rise hotel "The Drake"
Below: Giant LEGO man that looks like tiny LEGO man between models of Chicago buildings; Chicago skyline with LEGO people and Dinosaur.

Above: LEGO spider!!
Below: LEGO woman with puppy and suitcase.

Below: King Tut's Mask, Airplane, Skeleton in spider web; alternate view

LEGO Mindstorms in ROBOT Configuration!

Chicago St. Patrick's Day 2009 081 by you.

Hope you liked my pictures!

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