Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cooking the Easter Bunny!

How to chop up, cook, and eat a whole rabbit! YUM!!


I bought a whole rabbit at Treasure Island Foods in December and chopped it up and cooked it. I took some pictures as I did the needful so I could share it all with you. First the whole rabbit before I got started.


I had a few pictures from the internet that showed a rabbit after being cut into the primals, but I'd never done it myself before. Based on those pictures, this is what I managed to come up with:


As you can see, there are the hind legs, the breasts, tenderloins, and front legs (shanks). I was really looking forward to those tenderloins! The recipe I chose was intended to accentuate the rabbit flavor, it was very simple. Some carrots and onions, a little olive oil, rosemary, and red wine. I seared the rabbit for a couple minutes before adding the vegetables back in and then the wine.

FoodandThingsOct-November061 FoodandThingsOct-November063


That's the finished product

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