Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chicago's Graceland Cemetery

More photos from my lunchtime stroll through Graceland Cemetery...

The monument on the right is dated 1868, just 3 years after the assassination of President Lincoln. The world was a different place back then, these stones were probably pulled here by horse. Graceland Cemetery is a 119 acre cemetery on Chicago's north side. It was founded in 1860 as the city discussed closing and relocating the old City Cemetery on the near north side lakefront. Residents complained that the City Cemetery, being so close to Lake Michigan's shoreline, was causing disease. The graves and monuments were moved - most to Graceland or Rosehill cemeteries. At the time, this was not a part of Chicago but as the city grew it annexed the cemetery and surrounding neighborhoods.

Some famous folks buried at this cemetery include Potter Palmer, responsible for the early development of Chicago's State Street retail corridor. Marshall Field worked for Potter and later founded the Marshall Field Company department store, now Macy's. Marshall Field is also interred at Graceland Cemetery. The next generation of business giants were John G. Shedd, A. Montgomery Ward, and Richard Sears - all interred at the Rosehill Mausoleum.

I'll get some photos of Rosehill up tomorrow, it's even larger than Graceland and features the grandest Mausoleum in all Chicago. They offer guided tours on Saturdays!

(Inez Clarke, discussed in a previous blog) I think the glass case lends an eerie property to this memorial. I've found two more of these types of statue-in-a-case sorts of monuments in the larger Rosehill Cemetery. They always tell a tragic tale, albeit made up in the case of Inez Clarke.

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