Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Hanging Around

Day 5

Happy Family, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

An hour into my slumber on Tuesday night, my phone rang. Work! We're trying to build a new database cluster and it's not performing well. I'm trashed! Okay, so I spent some time troubleshooting some things and then went back to sleep. Problem is now Troy's phone keeps calling me because he didn't lock his damned keypad. The next morning I got up and worked a little more but MAN I HAD A HEADACHE!

Then I started to remember what I had done the night before. Oh yeah, the dessert wine! Oh no... I think that was Kay Kay's wine! Then my mom stopped over and read me my rights. I apologized to Kay Kay and fortunately everything was all good in the end.

After I crawled out of my cabin on Wednesday morning, I wandered over to Uncle Rob's cabin. I made my apology to Kay Kay and then had some thai basil / hamburger salad that was eaten by wrapping the ingredients in lettuce. It was really good! I went back to my cabin and got my book and sat by the pool reading for a while. Then I heard some pork was being prepared for dinner... so I made a beeline for the grills.

The Grabers made dinner, we had some great guacamole made by Nick. He also marinated some pork tenderloins and Uncle John grilled them. I stuffed myself and then stuffed myself some more. My aunt Lynne made an asian salad with cabbage and noodles. It was all very, very tasty! While dinner was being consumed, Robbie and Nikky arrived. They had been touring northern California and had spent time camping in Yosemite. Nick, Chris, Kevin, Robbie, Nicky, and I all talked back in our cabin, catching up and watching some TV at the same time. Then it was lights out.

- Andy

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