Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging Around

Day 4

Tuesday was a good day to just hang around. After a day of wine tasting, it was clear that many people wanted to sleep in. By the time I rolled out of bed, breakfasts had all been served. I managed to find P-Ju cooking some fried rice. I grabbed my camera and took some photos of the cooking process.

Tim the Fisherman, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

After that, I saw my dad teaching Tim and David how to clean all the bass they'd caught. I don't think I'd mentioned this... but Clear Lake is teeming with fish. Some family members went out on a boat at night and caught many pounds of meat out of the deep dark waters. Anyways, there were maybe a dozen large bass in the cleaning station sink and they were destined to be in our bellies by the end of the day.

Kay Kay and Wayne arrived from Oakland. I really like both of them! I spent the entire day shuffling around talking to family members and in and out of the swimming pool. This is vacation at its very best. Dinner involved eating fried, wild-caught bass and catfish. The catfish was awesome. The bass was probably not at its best breaded and fried.

That night, some of us stayed outside and drank wine at the picnic table in the dark. I spent a few hours talking to my dad about stuff and then we ran out of wine. I ran up to the cabin and said, "Dad said we need more wine!" to which my mother replied, "Oh no you don't!" ... so I grabbed a bottle that was on the counter and snuck out.

Well, that wine was *really* good... a dessert wine... brought by Kay Kay. We drank it all. Then we went to my brother's cabin and played Wii for a while. I ate some more food there and drank more wine. Finally I had enough and I went back to my own cabin and collapsed in a moaning, farting, semi-conscious heap.

Ah... Vacation!

- Andy

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