Sunday, August 17, 2008

I must be in California!

Clearlake Sunset, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

I arrived in San Francisco at ~12:30pm on Saturday. My parents had spent Friday night there, so they picked me up at the airport and we began our 4 hour journey to Clear Lake. The drive through San Francisco took us right through the heart of the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge.

After battling the GPS and making a couple wrong turns, the 101 took us most of the way there. We stopped in the city of Clearlake for some supplies and then found the resort at around 5:00.

Lots of Bartons were already there! The Bartons are my family from my mother's side. They are from all over the country. from Philadelphia to Seattle, San Diego to St. Louis. The family really goes all out for these reuinions. The kids were splashing in the pool because it was very hot on Saturday. I said my hellos to everyone and it was good to see those who had arrived.

Uncle John got some coals going on the grills and we made some burgers for dinner. After that, some light clouds blew in and the sunset was absolutely amazing! This week is going to be fun.


The 7:56 to San Francisco

Welcome to Clear Lake

- Andy

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Joel Clermont said...

Very nice. I look forward to a full photo journal of your trip, especially the food.