Thursday, April 1, 2010

ANZAC War Memorial / Hyde Park

ANZAC War Memorial, originally uploaded by zuctronic.

At the southern end of Hyde Park in Sydney is the ANZAC War Memorial, completed in 1934 to honor the Australian Imperial Force that fought in WWI. Inside the memorial is a somber environment and a small museum dedicated to preserving artifacts from Australia's involvement in various foreign conflicts. It does not glorify war, but rather serves as a memorial to the brave men and woman who gave their lives protecting Australia and her interests.

After leaving the memorial, I wandered across Hyde Park to St. Mary's Cathedral. They didn't allow photography inside the cathedral, but I got a few pictures around the outside before and after going inside.

After that I needed to get back to my hotel room to grab my bags and head for the airport. I had a good time in Sydney and can't want to get back! Now I needed to prepare myself for the 20 hours of air-time it takes to get from Sydney to Chicago. Thanks to Matt, all my Sydney friends, and my co-workers for helping to make the trip a rewarding time, personally and career-wise.


Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

Yes, it is some of the best and oldest park in Sydney, well it is a nice journey and I realize that you enjoy every moment of this tour. Yes management of this park didn’t allow taking pictures. Well I really enjoy after read your post keep sharing us continuously. Keep it up.

Andy said...

Thank you for the comments! It inspires me to keep writing. I am always way behind on publishing my articles... I have been to Europe twice since returning from Australia, so there will be more articles coming soon!