Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kevin and Kristin Grace

Last week, one of my best friends got married. I should probably have said what was on my mind at the wedding, but I didn't because I chickened out. I'll say it here.

I've known Kevin since he moved to Chicago and have watched him go through some tough times and some good times. Broken bones, lost jobs, barbecues, and road trips... Kristin has been devoted to him through it and I've become more enlightened through witnessing their connection.

Many question the value of marriage. When a couple lives together in a relationship for some time, the notion of declaring their everlasting love can seem like an afterthought. But on April 9th, my friend Kevin and his fairer half Kristin stood up in front of their friends, their family, and anyone wanting to see and said they do. They do love each other, they are committed to each other, and they will be forever. For a few moments, the universe paused for these two great people in my life. For a few minutes...

Kevin and Kristin
*the universe stood still and everything was perfect*

(Click the photo above to see all the wedding pictures that I took)

Congratulations Kevin and Kristin, I'm more happy for you than I can show!

- Andy


Amanda said...

Amazing pics, Andy. I'll even forgive you for the one where I'm looking retarded while trying not to cry.

Whoachick said...

*Clears Throat*

Andy's softening down. I think I can guess who's next..;)

`Kate X