Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 3 in San Francisco - Cable Car Museum, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Cruise, Alcatraz, Steak and Bread

I woke up early on Friday morning and looked up breakfast places online. I wanted to upload my pictures but didn't want to use up all my bandwidth on my wireless card. I looked up internet cafes and found that a nearby place, Cafe Roma, had free wi-fi internet. I walked over there with my laptop, but the internet connection was so bad I just decided to use my wireless data card anyways. After eating a muffin and sucking down a couple coffees, I went back to the apartment for a shower and my camera.

After that I walked through Chinatown to the Cable Car Barn and Powerhouse which also has a museum of historical photos and items relating to the San Francisco Cable Cars. I got a cooking apron with black and white stripes in the style of an alcatraz convict and a San Francisco Cable Cars t-shirt.

After that I walked back through Chinatown and over toward Fisherman's Wharf to get some lunch. I got a bread bowl of clam chowder, a local specialty. They serve you a heaping portion of new england style clam chowder in a bowl made from a big loaf of sourdough bread. After you eat the soup, you eat the bread!

I was meaning to take public transit to the bridge and walk across, but the day got long and I saw a Golden Gate cruise offered for cheap. The sun was in the right place for some great photos and the cruise took me out under the bridge and then around Alcatraz Island and back to San Francisco, total time would be one hour. I took heaps of photos and saw the moon rise over Alcatraz!

At night I baked a loaf of bread and broiled a steak with some mushrooms and garlic and some onion, zucchini, bell pepper, and garlic ratatouille.

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