Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notre Dame

December 25, 2009 - Christmas Day

My first morning in Paris! After everybody woke up, we put away the air mattress and then I went to a bakery a few doors down to pick up some fresh croissants, chocolate bread, and baguettes. Apparently this is normal in France, to live a few doors down from a bakery... and to eat fresh bread every day. I love it!


After eating breakfast and having some coffee, we decided to go see some of the sites in Paris. We hopped on the train to Gare de l'Est and from there took the M4 train to Cité station, which is on an island in the Siene River. From there, we walked past the Palais de Justice to one of the bridges over the Siene and took some pictures.


Then we walked back across the island and over to the famous Notre Dame cathedral. We waited in line to get inside, but once we were in we took lots of photos. My new camera was able to get much better pictures in the low light than I've ever been able to get before!

After winding our way through the cathedral, we got back on the M4 at Saint-Michel and took it to Montparnasse-Bienvenue where we transferred to the M6 and rode that to Bir-Hakeim, the closest Paris Métro station to Eiffel Tower.

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