Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thursday, December 24th

On Thursday morning I woke up to Susan the dog tapping his toenails on the floor outside the bedroom door. Isabelle and I wandered downstairs and I found the bacon and eggs. Andreas has a Nespresso espresso machine, so making coffee was a breeze! I called the airline again to find out if there was any sign of my clothes, since we would be traveling to Paris for a few days. They had no news, so we needed to buy some things for me to wear. I cooked breakfast for us and then we got ready for a quick walk into town.

The walk into Liestal's city center was very short. Isabelle and I do not speak any German, so it was a little bit of fun finding our way around the clothing store. People kept asking me questions in hurried German and I would have to shake my head and shrug my shoulders. We found a couple sweaters and a pair of pants that would get me through the next couple days until my luggage was returned. Isabelle bought her mom a bracelet at a jewelry store and then we walked back to the house.

We took a few pictures outside the house before heading to St. Louis station to get train tickets to Paris for later. Then we stopped at Aldi, a respectable grocery chain in Europe, to pick up snacks for the trip.

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