Friday, October 16, 2009

Return to Sydney

After months on this rock (North America) I am finally taking flight abroad, going west... so far west I'll be east. So far south that the sun will be in the north. To the sunburnt country, the land down under... Australia! I am flying to Sydney from Chicago on November 3rd. I arrive on the 5th (that's a flight, huh?) and will be there until November 30th, if all goes according to plan.

Expect loads of photos, some blog posts, and a very happy Andy. I first traveled to Sydney in 2007 for work and stayed for 3 weeks. I fell in love with the city hard and fast. To me, Sydney is the perfect mix of Chicago and San Francisco. A mild weathered capital of a culture, what Chicago is to the midwest, Sydney is to a dusty dry continent obscure to Europeans until the late 1700s.

Well that's all for now, wish me luck on my voyage. Between now and then I have plenty of work to do and things to keep me occupied, but sunny Sydney will be this year's big news!

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