Monday, June 8, 2009

Chicago Mayfest!

I went to the Chicago Maifest on Saturday and Sunday in Lincoln Square, once known as Germantown Chicago. It's a Germanfest with brats, leberkase, thueringers, saurkraut and potato salad. Oh yeah... and beer! HUGE steins of Hofbrau Munchen! There were also a few bands playing and lots of silly hats and dancing.


You can see the Western Avenue "el" station in the background. The music and "revelry" were so loud, you couldn't hear the train go bye.

LeberkaseSandwichbyzuctronic MayfestSunday005byzuctronic

Leberkase is my new best friend! It's sort of like spam, if you've never had it you should go look for some at a German butcher near you!

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Brian said...

man..those ae some fantastic shots! How was it overall? This was the first year in 3 years of consequetive visits that we didnt make it..and I did miss the beer and stopoff into the brauhuas for a house lager before leaving.

Cheers, Brian