Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 2 in Toronto - Eaton Center, CN Tower, and Far Niente

We stayed up pretty late on Wednesday night watching Australia, so we slept late on Thursday morning. I woke up first, as usual. I spent a few hours watching TV and surfing the internet while Isabelle slept. When she woke up, we showered and walked through the underground PATH system to the Toronto Eaton Center, a shopping mall in the city center. PATH is 17 miles of underground walkways underneath downtown Toronto and is listed by Guinness as the world's largest underground shopping complex. In a city as cold as this, it makes sense! Without it we might have stayed in the hotel all day.

The Eaton Center is a large shopping mall in downtown Toronto. Isabelle and I really don't enjoy shopping together, but we both enjoy shopping. So we split up and agreed to met up later. I spent my time taking pictures of the mall and wandering through electronics stores while Isabelle looked at clothes and shoes. We met up in the afternoon and went to Baton Rouge Restaurant for lunch. It was recommended by a magazine in the hotel room as the best lunch in Toronto. I ordered a tuna salad and it was really good! Isabelle had a giant sandwich and two margaritas.

We walked back to the hotel and Isabelle was ready for a nap! I welcomed the chance to relax and surf the net while she snoozed. Two margaritas is a lot for Isabelle because she rarely drinks anything at all. This is vacation, though! I was reading about the best way to get to the CN Tower so we could drive over there after nap time.

The CN Tower is still North America's tallest man made structure, so it's impressive to go inside and ride the elevator to the top. We got the ticket that took us all the way to the highest observation deck. While you go up, you can see up the elevator shaft. From the top you can see all of Toronto! It was a clear afternoon and we showed up right as the sun was going down. I took a lot of pictures of the sunset and then we went back down to the gift shop. I picked up a Toronto hoodie and then we were ready to get back to the hotel and prepare for dinner.

I had reservations for dinner at Far Niente, a highly recommended restaurant in downtown Toronto. We got there a little late, but they were ready to accommodate us anyways. I started off with a half dozen Malpeque oysters and we shared a cheese fondue pot. My main was grilled salmon with mussels in a white sauce. Isabelle ordered the lobster pot pie. After getting back to the hotel I stayed up late again and chatted with some friends online. We were planning to meet my friend Krista and her mom in Niagara Falls on Friday so I was excited about that and couldn't sleep!

Finally after staying up and reading the newspaper in the bathtub to unwind I was able to get to sleep.

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